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Big & Little Bear
Cabin 1 & 2

Sleeps: 6 + 6

The cabin on site has 3 bedrooms that sleep 6 people with windows in each.

Cabin 3

Sleeps: 4

It’s the first camp to your right on an island. It is a great spot to fish Bass & Walleye.

The Hotel
Cabin 4

Sleeps: 8

Perfect for those large families or 2 smaller families taking vacations together.

The Hillside
Cabin 5

Sleeps: 6

The 2nd camp on the right down the lake. It is perfect for that medium-size family with pets.

Mary's Island
Cabin 6

Sleeps: 4

She loved the small coziness of the cabin and the sounds of the falls across the bay.

Pic Island
Cabin 7

Sleeps: 6

Known as Pic Island named after a beloved dog named Pic.

Twin Island
Cabin 8

Sleeps: 4

This site is perfect for that small family with pets.

Cabin 9

Sleeps: 4

It’s loved by all for its old rustic look on the inside with its screened-in porch.

The Hingels
Cabin 10

Sleeps: 8

One of two of our biggest cabins. This site is perfect for that large group or big family.

Shadow Wood
Cabin 11

Sleeps: 6

Its almost levelled open landscape is great for toddlers and pets to play.

Tent Camping

Experience nature at its finest with good old-fashioned tent camping.

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